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Life Chronology

Portriat, By Ahmad Najafi, Color Pencil, 2002

Born on 30th Oct.; in Rasht, Principal city of northern province of Guilan
Enters Onsory Elementary School; in Rasht
1951 Death of Father ( Mohammad Aghdashlou, Hadjiov)
1953 Enters Jam Secondary School
1954 Sells First painting: an exact copy of Velazquez, Reclining Venus
1956 Finds work as graphic artist; for Ashena Advertising Co.
1959 Enters Faculty of fine Arts, University of Tehran
1963 Starts Writing art reviews ; for Andisheh va Honar Quarterly
1967 Quits the university
1972 Marriage To Shohreh Vaziri Tabar
1973-78 Instructor and lecturer; at various art colleges
1975 First exhibition of paintings (at Iran-American Society);Starts a weekly tv art-show: “ways of Seeing” (which runs for two years)

“Iranian Calligraphy; A collection of works from 15th to 20th century, Aghdashloo’s collection,(An Exhibition, at Negarestan Museum),

Writes the script and paints the backdrops for an animation film, “the Rainbow”

1976 Accepts public offices; helps found and is the first curator of Reza Abbasi Museum
1977 Produces and writes commentaries for a series of documentaries on Persian Calligraphy, Persian Tile-making and Persian Architecture
1979 Returns to working as graphic artist (after an absence of two years, and never leaves the medium again);returns to lecturing on Arts; at faculty of Arts,
Al-Zahra University
1980 Divorce from Shohreh Vazriy-Tabar
1981 Marriage to Firoozeh Athari;Researches, writes commentaries and co-produces two documents on The History of Persian Calligraphy;

Establishes a private academy to instruct graphics as well as painting (still thriving to date)

1982 Birth of son, Takin;Death of mother (Nahid Nakhjavan);

Researches, writes/ narrates commentaries and co-produces a series of 13 documentaries on The History of Persian Painting, “Towards Simorgh” (For IRI tv)

1987 Birth of Daughter Tara
1989 PUblishes First Collection of paintings, “Portraits”
1992 Publishes “Of Joys and Yearnings” (Selected Essays and Dialogues: 1974 – 1991)
1993 Publishes second collection of paintings:
“Aydin Aghdashloo: A Selection of Paintings: 1961 – 1993”
1997 Publishes “Agha Lotfali Sooratgar”
1999 Second exhibition of paintings: “Aydin Aghdashloo’s Book Covers” (at Museum of Modern Art, Tehran);Second edition of “Of Joys and Yearnings”
Publishes “Years of Fire and Snow” (Selected Essays and Dialogues: 1991 – 199″;

Publishes ” Of Matters Private and Public:
Aydin Aghdashloo Talks to Asghar Abdollahi and Mohammad Abdi”

2000 Teaching in Faculty of Art, University Of Kerman
2001 25 Lectures on Art and culture in Tehran, Kerman, Rasht, Isphahan, Mashhad, Shiraz
Wife and children resident in Canada
Jury member of Poster Biannual in Tehran contemporary Art museum
Joining “Iranian Contemporary Art” Exhibition, Barbican Center, Curve Gallery, London
2002 Joining “Iranian Contemporary” Exhibition, Christie’s, London
12 lectures on Iranian Graphic, Modern and classic painting in Tehran
2003 Publishes “Other Essays and Talks” ;
2004 Taking part in ” A Caccia in Paradiso – Court Arts of Safavid Iran 1501-5076 ” in Milan, As representative of Iran